Sewer Use Fee

WHY: The fee is an annual expense for properties having a connection to the Goffstown sewer system. The fee supports the cost of all annual operations of the system and the processing of the sewerage at the Manchester Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility.

PAYMENT: The fee is $400.00 for each Treatment Unit (TU) assigned to the property

  • The number of TU’s assigned to the property is determined when processing the Sewer Permit Application for the subject property

  • One-half of the annual fee in invoiced semi-annually (usually in May and November) to the property owner

  • Payable to “Town of Goffstown”

  • The fee payment is submitted to the Sewer Department office at 16 Main St, Goffstown NH 03045

CONDITIONS: Failure to pay the Sewer Use Fee allows the town to establish a lien upon the property.