Sewer Permit Application Fee

WHY: The fee is a one-time expense to obtain a permit for the following situations:

  • New building construction requiring a connection to the established town sewer infrastructure.

  • Renovations/additions to a building, or changes to business operations, which define an increased sewer flow for the established sewer connection.

  • Conversions of a building between residential/commercial use.

PAYMENT: the fee is $50.00

  • The fee is payable to “Town of Goffstown”

  • The fee is paid with the submission of the Sewer Permit Application form.

  • The application and payment are submitted to the Sewer Department Office, 16 Main St, Telephone (603) 497-8990 Extension 116.

  • Assistance in completion of the form may be obtained by calling or visiting the Sewer Department Maintenance Supervisor, telephone (603) 497-8990 Extension 291.

CONDTIONS: The Sewer Permit application is reviewed/approved by the Sewer Commission during their next regularly scheduled monthly meeting occurring at least seven days after the submission of the application.

  • The applicant will be notified if they must attend the subject meeting.

  • The approved permit will indicate the sewer flow as “Treatment Units (TU)” assigned to the property. The value of the TU determines the applicant’s Sewer Accessibility Fee and the Sewer Use Fee. The process used to calculate the TU is explained at Sewer Accessibility Fee.

  • The approved permit implies that the sewer system (pipe diameters, pump capacities, and the treatment capacity) is sufficient to handle the proposed increased sewer described in the applicant’s permit.