The Sewer Department operates as an enterprise, completely supported by fees paid by customers connected to the sewer system. The department is managed by three elected Commissioners who serve three-year terms. The Sewer Commission was established at the 1956 Town Meeting and re-affirmed by a 1971 Town Meeting decision. The Commission operates under the authority provided by NH RSA 31:137 and 149-I. Our maintenance technicians are responsible for maintaining the system of pipes and pumps conveying sewage from about 2,100 homes and businesses to the Manchester Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility.

  • For billing related issues contact the Department Secretary:

    • Email: Lynne Pooler Telephone: (603) 497-8990 Extension 116

    • Office Location: Town Hall, 16 Main St, Goffstown NH 03045

  • For (1) establishing a new sewer connection, (2) modifying a house or business such that sewer flow will change, (3) obtaining a license to lay sewer lines, or (4) experiencing sewer line problems from your building to the street contact the Department Maintenance Supervisor:

    • Email: Corey Wike Telephone: (603) 497-8990 Extension 291

    • Office Location: 27 East Union St, Goffstown NH 03045

  • For after-hours sewer emergencies, contact the Goffstown Police Communications dispatcher at (603) 497-4858 who will contact the on-call sewer technician.

Sewer Department Fees. The indicated links provide more detail on each fee.

The Goffstown sewer system is not a “combined sewer system” in that the sewer system collects only sewage and not stormwater; consequently, sewer customers are not allowed to discharge sump pump flows into the sewer system. In Goffstown, the collection and discharge of stormwater is by a completely separate system of pipes and curb-side storm catch basins managed by the Department of Public Works.

The Commission has a 20-year inter-municipal agreement with the Manchester treatment facility, approved in 2012. This agreement covers two major aspects of sewage treatment and ultimately the cost borne by Goffstown customers. First, the agreement specifies the cost for sewage treatment at a fixed rate up to a limit of 2.13 million gallons per day (MGD). At present, Goffstown is averaging 1.10 MGD discharged to Manchester. This is important for economic development (i.e., new
homes and businesses), as the 1.03 MGD difference represents a capacity to handle an increased flow at a known billable rate. Second, the agreement uses the 2.13 MGD treatment limit, compared to the treatment limits of other communities served by the regional facility, to determine the Goffstown share of any capital improvement needed at the treatment facility. Our share of such capital improvements is currently set at 4.11 percent.