The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of all town roads. This includes signs, pavement markings (directional arrows, crosswalks, stop bars and parking spaces), shouldering, pothole repair, culvert and catch basin cleaning, snow plowing and treating, snow removal to accommodate parking, brush cutting, grading, sidewalks, contracted street sweeping and contracted line striping.

The DPW administers the annual Road Plan. This is done through numerous projects. The Department provides in-house engineering design for most of the road projects. The engineering staff also oversees contract construction work that is put out to bid each year. A large portion of the road plan money goes into maintaining the roads that the Town has already made the investment to upgrade. The maintenance program consists of crack sealing and timely wear course overlays to preserve the road and keep the water from getting into the base material. The Town has approximately 130 miles of paved roads and 7 miles of gravel roads.

The DPW also provides the solid waste and recycling collection and disposal for the Town. DPW employees collect material curbside, operate the transfer station and haul all of the collected materials to the contracted processing/disposal facility.

Sewer Department operations, including maintenance of the entire sewer infrastructure, processing of connection requests, and customer billing, is fiscally and administratively the responsibility of the Goffstown Sewer Commission. Click here to connect to the Sewer Department.

DPW is responsible for maintaining the Town’s storm water system and ensuring that the Town is in compliance with the EPA National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit that manages outfalls into the river.

The DPW also maintains the Town’s three historic cemeteries. This includes maintaining the vegetation, headstones and provide/prepare the burial locations.

The DPW processes permits for modification of existing and new driveways and street excavation permits for work in the Town right of way.

The DPW garage maintains the Town fleet for all departments; Public Works, Solid Waste, Police Department, Fire Department and Parks and Rec.