Goffstown Gallop

Welcome to the 41st Annual Goffstown Gallop!

Due to the ongoing situation involving COVID-19, we are unable to host the race as we have in the past. Knowing the importance of this race to our community, we decided to bring the race to you at home. The 41st Goffstown Gallop is going virtual! This race is open to all residents and non-residents and will be free of charge. Whether you plan to run the actual race or an alternate 5.2-mile course, we hope that you will join us for this twist on a long-standing road race.

Registration/Time Submission:

Registration for the Goffstown Gallop is available now on our RecDesk website. If you do not already have a RecDesk account, you will need to create an account and be approved before you can register for the race. Accounts are approved within 24 hours. Once you register, we will communicate with you via email, so please be sure when creating an account to use an email address that you have access to and frequently check. Registration will remain open until the last day of the race on the 28th.

This year time submissions will be on the honor system. There is a spot on the link where you can submit photos if you so choose. This can be pictures of your final time, you during the race, before the race, your course, whatever you want! Pictures of submission times is not required but encouraged.

Follow the link below to submit your times!


Please be aware that by submitting photos to this page you the registered user give the Goffstown Parks and Recreation department permission to use said photographs as they see fit for promotional and marketing purposes. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Town Website, newsletters, YouTube, Goffstown TV, etc. 

The Course:

Below you can find the actual 5.2-mile Goffstown Gallop course. Because the race is virtual, it is not required that you run the course itself, but you certainly have the option to do so. Please keep some things in mind if you do you choose to run the course:

  • We do not encourage gathering in groups to run the course together. Social distancing should still be maintained. Please be respectful of those on the trail or those who may also be running the course at the same time as you.

  • When running the course there will be times when you need to run on the road with ongoing traffic. Please be cautious of this. Always look both ways before crossing a street. When possible run against the flow of traffic so you are aware of oncoming cars.


Goffstown Gallop Map

Course Directions:

  • Begin on S Mast St. (even with the recreation building) you will head towards the village

  • Go through the first traffic circle and stay straight on route 114

  • Pass Cumberland Farms on your left and turn left into Route 13/New Boston Rd (second left after Cumberland Farms)

  • Bear left onto Bog Rd.

  • Turn left onto Lesnyk Rd

  • Continue left to Mountain Rd

  • Stay on Mountain Rd until reaching Cumberland Farms on your right

  • Turn right onto S Mast Rd./Route 114 (heading towards the recreation building)

  • Turn left into the parking lot for the recreation building

  • End!

Apparel Store:

In past years, registration for the race came with a Goffstown Gallop t-shirt. This year, due to the virtual nature of the race and no charge for the event, shirts will not be given out. Still want a Gallop shirt? Brown Graphix has an online apparel store where you can buy a 41st Annual Goffstown Gallop shirt. Shirts are available for purchase until June 21st. Once the store is closed, orders will be processed. So please keep in mind that you will not receive the shirt before the race ends on the 28th

Here is the link, check it out! https://www.browngraphix.com/2020-goffstown-virtual-gallop.html

Virtual Bib:

You will not be need a real bib for this race but it certainly makes the experience feel more real! Below you can find a downloadable bib to print and wear during your run if you so choose. If you decide to wear the bib, take a picture and post it with your results.

Downloadable Bib