Parks and Places

Here you can find a map of some the Parks and Recreation spots around town. Go on an adventure this summer and check out the locations where various Parks and Recreation programs are held. This simple and fun activity can help you familiarize yourself with our different facilities and what they offer! Feel free to print out the map and mark it as you visit each place (lick here to download the picture).


Parks and Recreation Building—155 S Mast Road

This is where our offices are located. The small gym area inside is home to various instructor led classes. These types of classes include karate, Zumba, and others. Our Growin’ Grizzlies kindergarten programs are also held in this gym as well as outside on the small field. In the winter, this field is transformed into an ice skating rink for the public. Our parking lot is open to those who wish to use the Goffstown Rail Trail and for those who wish to use the kayak launch down below the building.

*There are NO fitness classes currently running at the building*

Barnard Park—9 Barnard Lane

Barnard Park is the larger of the two park spaces offered in Goffstown. This park has much to offer including: a full football field enclosed by a sports track, a pavilion, basketball court, playground, tennis courts, beach volleyball net, and a multi-depth pool with a diving board. This is one of the two locations for our annual summer playground programs.

*Pool will not be opening for the 2020 season*

Glen Lake—300 Elm Street

Glen Lake is the collection of the Piscataquog River right outside the center of town. Main access to the lake, including a boat ramp, beach area, and resident parking are found at this address.

Goffstown Rail Trail

Goffstown’s Rail Trail is a 5.5 mile, multi-purpose, public path that stretches from the Goffstown Village to the Manchester city line. The trail is generally flat and follows a gentle grade perfect for all ages and activity levels. Walking, running, and biking are allowed on the trail as well as pets. There are various parking locations that offer access to the trail, these include: the Parks and Recreation Building, the lot across from the Jr. Baseball field complex, the Shell gas station, Hillsborough county court house, and the Sarette Fields complex.

Mt. Uncanoonuc

In Goffstown, the Uncanoonuc Mountain Hiking Trails provide hikers with beautiful scenic views of Goffstown and the Merrimack Valley. There are multiple trails with various difficulty levels available, perfect for all ages. A map highlighting the various paths hikers can take is available here.

Roy Park—31 Rosemont Street

Roy Park is our second town park located in Pinardville. This park includes a pavilion, basketball court, playground, multi-depth pool, and a softball/all-purpose field. This is also the location for our annual summer playground program. Additionally, this is where our 1st through 4th grade Parks and Recreation soccer program is held.

*Pool will not be opening for the 2020 season*

Sarette Fields—89 Laurier Street

This field complex holds three multi-use fields. The lower field is smaller and is used for junior sports. The middle and football fields are the same size and used for older levels of various sports. This complex is the main facility for our recreation lacrosse program. It is also, where United travel soccer is played in the fall. There is an entrance to the Goffstown Rail Trail at this location.

Louis St.—96 Louis Street

Located down the road from Sarette fields, this stand-alone baseball field has dugouts, a backstop, and an outfield fence. It is mainly used by the independent Goffstown Junior Baseball program. Use of this field for teams and organized sports is through reservation ONLY, but individuals may use it for small-scale drills or sessions.