Public Notice - Conservation Commission Meeting - 10/25/2023




Department of Public Works – Discussion on Knotweed Treatment:

Public Discussion (Recommendations need to be forwarded to the Planning Board & ZBA):

Conditional Use Permit for Public Service of New Hampshire dba Eversource Energy, Easement Owner, for a proposal to replace overhead electric utility structures along the existing F162 Transmission Line as part of an ongoing rebuild project. Some of the new/replacement structures and site improvements will be located within the Wetland Surface Water Conservation District. A Conditional Use Permit is required per Sections & 13.3.4 of the Goffstown Zoning Ordinance, to replace structures within the Wetlands and Surface Water Conservation (WSWC) District. The easement areas are located off the following properties: Blue Jay Lane, (Map 19, Lot 47-4), Barnard Lane, (Map 30, Lot 81), South Mast Street & Angel Point Circle, (Map 31, Lot 23 & Map 5, Lot 15-1 & 99) North Mast Street, (Map 7, Lots 10, 10-1, 8-3 & 9), Bog Road, (Map 33, Lots 10B & 11), Bell Road, (Map 33, Lot 15), Tyler Drive, (Map 4, Lots 100-30 & 100-31), Mountain Road, (Map 4, Lots 87-5-23 & 87-6), New Boston Road, (Map 32, Lots 24, 25A & 25B, Map 33 Lot 16, Map 4 Lots 63 & 65), Wallace Road & Park Lane, (Map 5, Lot 98), Pine Crest Drive, (Map 7, Lots 13, 27 & 27-1).

Map 20, Lot 16, Site Plan/Subdivision & Conditional Use Permit Application of Stinson Hills, LLC, Owners, for proposed (26) twenty-six-unit residential condominium development (Dearborn Village). The proposal is to build one duplex unit building, four three-unit buildings and three four-unit buildings that will be located off 443 Mast Road/Danis Park Road.

Map 36, Lot 80, Waiver and Variance request for impacts to the inner 100’ and outer 100’ Wetlands Surface Water Conservation District Buffer. The owners are Marc & JoAnne Gamache, and the property is located at 176 Elm Street. (Recommendations need to be forwarded to both ZBA and the Planning Board.)

Correction/Acceptance of the Minutes of July 26, 2023 and September 27, 2023.


1) Conservation Commission budget information.

2) NH Conservation Commission dues of $850.00 (Staff processed invoice to be paid.)

3) NH Shoreland Permit for Russell Ave, Map 24, Lot 17 to build a single-family home. (Not within 100’ of the WSWC District Buffer but within the 250’ Shoreland governed by NHDES.)

Stewardship: Discussion.

Open Space: Non-Public Session per RSA 91-A:3II(d), (Real Estate): (If necessary)

NOTE: “Any person with a disability who wishes to attend this public meeting and needs to be provided a reasonable accommodation in order to participate, please call the Town Hall (497-8990 Ext 117) at least 72 hours in advance so that arrangements can be made.”