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Start Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 7:00 pm
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Plan Presentation:

Map 5, Lot 60, Relief from the Outer 50’ of the 100’ Wetlands Surface Water Conservation (WSWC) District Buffer & Site Plan Review Application of Mast Road Crossing, LLC, Owners, located on South Mast Street/Mast Road, for a proposed 42-unit condominium development for 55 years old and older, that will be partially located within the Outer 50’ of the 100’ WSWC District Buffer.  The proposal is to build 19 duplex unit buildings and 1 fourplex unit building. The property is zoned Commercial Industrial Flex Zone (CIFZ) & is located within the Wetlands Surface Water Conservation (WSWC) District Overlay (Comments need to be forwarded to the Planning Board.)

 Map 18, Lot 60-2, Conditional Use Permit Applications of LEED Development, LLC, located on Mast Road & Abingdon Way, is seeking three conditional use permits for proposal to build two (2) twenty-four (24) unit multi-family buildings on Lot 60-2, which is part of a land condominium with Lot 60-1.  Lot 60-1 is already developed and currently has Franklin Savings Bank located on it.  The owner of Lot 60-2 is seeking three (3) conditional use permits as allowed in the Goffstown Zoning Ordinance.  This requested conditional use permits are as follows:  1) A conditional use permit to allow residential dwelling units as part of a mixed-use residential building project (Table of Principal Uses A (5)); 2) A conditional use permit to allow a residential apartment building with 24 units (Section 4.4.2); 3) And a conditional use permit to allow the square footage of the residential uses to exceed that of the commercial uses within a mixed-use development project (Section 5.9.1).   This application is just for the conditional use permits only and is not a formal site plan review. The property is currently zoned Commercial.  (Comments need to be forwarded to the Planning Board)

Map 3, Lot 32A-1, Lot Line Adjustment & Site Plan Review for Goffstown Harvest Christian Church, LLC & Andover Consulting Group, LLC, for a proposed lot line adjustment and the construction of a self-storage facility (nine (9) buildings) on Lot 32A-1, located off Daniel Plummer Road & Cote Lane, Zoned: Industrial (Comments need to be forwarded to the Planning Board.)

Eversoure Energy Pole Replacements Along 0161, requesting Special Exception and Conditional Use Permit Line in accordance with Section and Section 14.6.3 of the Zoning Ordinance. The proposal is to replace 12 structures, five of which lies within the Wetland and Surface Water Conservation (WSWC) District.  The project involves structure replacement only for public utility.  None of the structures are to be replaced/relocated are within a wetland resources area. The project will require temporary impacts in wetlands for the in-kind replacement of structures and requiring access and work pads near Structures 41, 60, 71, 70, and 72.    Structures 41, 60 and 71 will require the placement of temporary protective matting that will encroach 785 square feet, 150 square feet, and 615square feet respectively.  Structures 70 and 72 will not encroach into the wetland resource area but temporary protective matting and the poles are to be replaced on uplands are located within the 100-foot buffer to the edge of the wetland resource areas which are therefore within the Wetland Surface Water Conservation (WSWC)overlay district.  Line is located along Elm Street, Center Street, Tirrell Hill Road, Holly Hock Lane, Black Brook Road and East Dunbarton Road. (Comments need to be forwarded to both the ZBA and the Planning Board.)

Correction/Acceptance of the Minutes & Non-Public Minutes of September 25, 2019:  (Proposed corrections from David Nieman.)


  • Copy of Invoice for the NH Association of Conservation Commission Dues of $725.00.  (Need to vote to approve the payment of the invoice.)
  • Copy of email from Zoning Code Enforcement Officer stating debris encroachment violation on conservation land on Incline Avenue, Map 41 Lot 80 is now in compliance.
  • Copy of Report to NHDES from Tighe & bond for stating conditions of approval have been met for approved Wetlands Permit 2018-02003, Eversource Energy, Elm Street Line 328, Structure 58.
  • Piscataquog Newsletter.
  • NH Town & City Magazine.

Set meeting date for November or postpone meeting until December.

Open Space:  Non-Public Session per RSA 91-A:3II(d), (Real Estate): (If necessary)