The Town and School Election has been postponed until Tuesday, March 28th.

Town Officials

Elected Officials

Town Clerk: Cathy Ball (Term: 2020-2023)

Town Moderator: Rodney L. Stark (Term: 2020-2022)

Administrative Officers

Town Administrator: Derek Horne

Assistant Town Administrator/Finance Director/Treasurer: Danielle Basora

Police Chief: Eric Sereno

Fire Chief: Shawn Murray

Public Works Director: Adam Jacobs

Library Director: Dianne Hathaway

Zoning Code Enforcement Officer: Vacant

Tax Collector: Stephanie Beaudoin

Bookkeeper/Deputy Tax Collector: Deborah Nikias

Deputy Town Clerk: Karen LeClerc

Assessor: Scott Bartlett

Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator: Jack Shephard

Planning & Economic Development Director: Jo Ann Duffy

Prosecutor: Lt. Dan Conley

Town Attorney: Drummond Woodsum, Attorney at Law