How do I sign up?

If you or somebody you know are interested in receiving home delivery service, please call the library at 603-497-2102 and ask for Caroline. If you know somebody who might be eligible for home delivery service who doesn’t have Internet access but is interested in learning more, you may give them a Printable Brochure (PDF) document prints three (3) per page). If your browser does not already have a PDF reader, you can download a free version of Acrobat Reader to use.

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1. Why home delivery service?
2. Do I need to be a Goffstown resident to receive home delivery services?
3. What can I borrow?
4. How do I know I will get materials I enjoy?
5. When will you be visiting?
6. How long may I borrow the items you bring me?
7. Is there any charge associated with home delivery service?
8. How do I sign up?
9. What is the Talking Books Program?