Why do I get a fire engine when I called 911 for an ambulance?

There are various reasons a fire engine will respond with the ambulance on requests for an ambulance.  They include:

  1. The fire engine is the closest emergency equipment to your location.  While waiting for the ambulance to arrive these Firefighters/EMTs and Paramedics can render whatever aid is needed.  Along with basic medical equipment, all fire engines are equipped with automatic defibrillators, a device used to monitor the heart and deliver an electrical charge to correct a life-threatening heart rhythm.
  2.  A  ‘serious’ or ‘critical’ medical emergency. A fire engine comes along with an ambulance for safety and manpower. We plan for the worst and hope for the best when responding to a call. Also, the closest ambulance is dispatched to answer your call; however, emergency medical help must arrive on the scene as soon as possible. Since ambulances may be transporting other patients or completing duties at the hospital, a fire engine will likely be closer to the call. Therefore, the nearest fire engine (with medical equipment and EMTs) is dispatched with the ambulance.

During emergency operations, all personnel on the scene are trained to function as a lifesaving team with teamwork being essential.

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