Is there a list available to see what year my road is scheduled for repaving?

DPW maintains two separate road lists, the long-term CIP reclamation list and the annual road plan. Both of these are public information. Please note the lists are updated and changed regularly due to many factors that are beyond DPW's control. The annual budget process and bid prices affect the amount of work that can be done. The list will change from year to year, therefore it is not accurate information. If your road is several years out, it is highly probable it will shift farther out on the list. The Select Board and DPW are aware of the poor condition of many of Goffstown's roads. DPW travels around the entire road network every day performing maintenance, plowing, and collecting the trash. With your support at voting time, DPW will continue to work closely with the Select Board on improving the Town's roadway system.

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9. Is there a list available to see what year my road is scheduled for repaving?
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