Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are based on learning the fundamentals of swimming at various levels in a group atmosphere, while still having fun. Different skills will be introduced and worked on depending on the child’s age and ability. The first day of swim lessons lifeguards will determine participants swim level and they will then be placed into a swim lesson group.  

Swim lessons will be 1/2 hour in length, assigned times will be determined when registrations and evaluations are complete. Lesson times range between 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, depending upon the number of registrants. Participants may only sign up for 1 session.

There are two different sessions offered at both Barnard and Roy Park. Swim lesson takes place every day, Monday through Friday, for two weeks, totaling 10 lessons. Minimum age of participation is 5 and the maximum age is 13, cutoff dates for the ages can be found on RecDesk. Class space is limited registration is taken on a first come basis.

Swim Level Descriptions:

  • POLLIWOG: For swimmers who are afraid of the water.
  • STARFISH: For individuals who still have trouble swimming the width of the pool and might need a bubble.
  • ADVANCED BEGINNER: This class will focus on mastering the front crawl and the beginning phases of the back crawl. Must be able to have head, face, and ears submerged in the water.
  • INTERMEDIATE: This class will focus on all the major strokes and survival skills.
  • SWIMMER: this is the highest level. Individuals at this level will have to be able to stand the endurance of all four strokes and understand the survival methods.

Registration Information 

Registration date: TBD

Program Fee: Free, for Goffstown residents only