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Since 1909 the Goffstown Public Library has been a community resource, a comfortable place for citizens to access quality materials and programs, and explore issues of local, national and global interest.

Please consider supporting the Goffstown Public Library today.

The Library needs your support to help build and preserve its resources for you, our patrons.

We are proud to offer the newest materials, as well as valued older books, computerized services, and free programs at the Goffstown Public Library. Private support supplements local funding and helps increase the number and variety of services available. There are many ways to support the Goffstown Public Library.

Support the Library, Literacy and Lifelong Learning

Make a Contribution

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. Every dollar donated to the Library has a lasting impact and monetary donations of any size are appreciated.

  1. Monetary Donations
  2. Honor & Memorial Gifts
  3. TD Bank Affinity Membership
  4. Used Books & Materials

Your charitable gifts support the Goffstown Public Library and help buy books and materials, support new technology, events, access, exciting programs and so much more. To donate by check, please print and include the donation form (PDF) with checks mailed to the Library.

For Planned Giving, or donations to the Library Trustees Trust Fund for Growth, please email Library Director Dianne Hathaway at 603-497-2102.

Get Involved

  • Volunteer at the Library
  • Join the Friends of the Library and become part of our loyal community of supporters.
  • Local Business Opportunity - Many library programs depend on local businesses and organizations donating prizes. Summer Reading programs for kids, teens and adults are some of the activities where giveaways are offered to participants. If you are interested in raising awareness of your business by donating prizes (giveaways, gift certificates), we would love to hear from you! Please Email Dianne Hathaway.

Spread the Word

  • Get a library card and use it! Take advantage of all the resources, programming and information the library has to offer.
  • Sign up for our newsletters to learn about exciting events, upcoming programs, and more.
  • Share your passion for the Goffstown Public Library by blogging, sharing and posting about your experiences online and on social media using #goffstownlibrary.
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Thank You!

Thank you for considering the Library as a recipient of your generosity.

For more information on supporting the Goffstown Public Library, please email Library Director Dianne Hathaway.