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Time to Fix Potholes! (Click HERE for details)

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Per RSA 231:191, the Town of Goffstown must employ load/weight restrictions during the spring thaw period. The Town’s load limit policy (see below) will become effective February 28, 2017 for posted roads. This is done to prevent roadway damage and to protect the large infrastructure investment the Town has made.

Waivers will be issued by DPW on an emergency basis only as conditions allow. Contact Cathy Willmott at 497-3617 x200 to apply.

Load Limit Policy (Adopted 2011)

Weight Limit Sign Example

2017 Posted Road List

Goffstown Map with Posted Roads

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The Streets and Drains Division of Goffstown Public Works has the responsibility of maintaining all of the town road and drainage structures. Each summer, roads are prioritized for maintenance according to the Intrastructure Maintenance Plan. Data is gathered every couple of years on the condition of our roads. This information is entered into a computer program. The program takes into account the road condition, traffic volume and roughness, and prioritizes the worst roads. Through the reclamation and resufacing budgets provided for in the CIP budget, the division does their best to keep up the road conditions.

The Streets and Drains Division also oversees the snow removal operations in the winter. If you have any questions please email the department or call (603) 497-3617.

Paving List

  • Road Program History - List of all roads completed with Road Plan funds since 2002. See Road Plan Map below for a visual aid of this chart.


  • Crack Sealing Map - Map showing roads on the annual crack seal list
  • Street Sweeping Map - Map showing roads that are swept in the spring each year
  • Road Plan Map - Map showing work completed with Road Plan funds since 2002
    **Please note that in the Road Plan Map, some layers will be hidden under others. For instance if a road has been reclaimed (including base course pavement) and then top coated the following year, the map will only show one of those layers on top (typically the reclaim layer).**

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