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Hours of Operation


Transfer Station Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 7:30 AM to 3 PM

Trash and Recycle pick up days are not effected by storms.  The time may vary, but the day does not. 

2018 Transfer Station Holiday Schedule

Transfer Station Sticker

You must have a Transfer Station sticker on your vehicle in order to use the facility. Stickers may be obtained during regular hours of operation, Tuesday through Saturday, 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Please bring your vehicle registration and the actual vehicle as the sticker is placed on the window at that time.  If you are new to Goffstown and have not changed your address on your registration, you must bring in a piece of mail with your name and new Goffstown address. The stickers are free.

Glen Lake BEACH Parking

The Transfer Station Sticker is also used as resident identification for parking at Glen Lake Beach.

Transfer Station Information

The Solid Waste Division of Goffstown Public Works is responsible for the Transfer Station as well as the curbside collection of solid waste and the administration of the curbside recycling contract. In 1991 a Solid Waste Commission was established.

For more information, email the division or call (603) 497-4824.

Backyard Composting Brochure from the NH Department of Environmental Services

Did you know?

2012 Trash and Recycling Numbers

{googleChart type=bvs width=500 height=300 data="987,1847,1722,2237,2170,1939,951,0.0,0.0,0.0,1491,1502|-22346,-22829,-24854,-20663,-31772,-26905,-25158,-29146,-24652,-23845,-29430,-21701" label="Jan|Feb|Mar|Apr|May|Jun|Jul|Aug|Sep|Oct|Nov|Dec|2:||3:|" color="4D89D9,006400" range="-35000,15000" currency="yes" legend="Recycling|Trash" title="2012 Trash Costs vs Recycling Revenues~CE0000"}
{googleChart type=lc width=500 height=300 data="197,185,172,179,217,194,190,204,184,203,199,200|361,369,402,324,498,422,395,457,387,428,462,340" label="Jan|Feb|Mar|Apr|May|Jun|Jul|Aug|Sep|Oct|Nov|Dec||3:|" color="4D89D9,006400" range="0,500,50" legend="Recycling|Trash" title="2012 Tons of Trash and Recyclables~CE0000"}


2011 Trash and Recycling Numbers

{googleChart type=bvs width=500 height=300 data="2492.40,3266.80,5326.00,4845.75,4951.50,5410.75,4374.75,5656.80,6263.50,5425.20,4235.60,00.00|-22110.82,-17851.52,-25023.22,-24763.72,-26438.97,-30000.45,-25350,-26334,-28347.11,-26071,-27047,-28255" label="Jan|Feb|Mar|Apr|May|Jun|Jul|Aug|Sep|Oct|Nov|Dec|2:||3:|" color="4D89D9,006400" range="-35000,15000" currency="yes" legend="Recycling|Trash" title="2011 Trash Costs vs Recycling Revenues~CE0000"}
{googleChart type=lc width=500 height=300 data="166.16,163.34,213.04,193.83,198.06,216.43,174.99,188.56,208.75,180.84,211.78|367.9,297.03,416.36,400.24,432.53,484.66,409.46,428.29,457.95,421.19,436.95" label="Jan|Feb|Mar|Apr|May|Jun|Jul|Aug|Sep|Oct|Nov|Dec||3:|" color="4D89D9,006400" range="0,500,50" legend="Recycling|Trash" title="2011 Tons of Trash and Recyclables~CE0000"}


2010 Trash and Recycling Numbers

{googleChart type=bvs width=500 height=300 data="0,0,0,1688.60,1368.30,2171.50,2098.60,844.70,1092.20,966.25,3077.70,3590.25|-16920.36,-18537.21,-27177.67,-27001.13,-23558.38,-27720.54,-25455.37,-24976.37,-25332.78,-26261.33,-23916.81,-27096.70" label="Jan|Feb|Mar|Apr|May|Jun|Jul|Aug|Sep|Oct|Nov|Dec|2:||3:|" color="4D89D9,006400" range="-35000,15000" currency="yes" legend="Recycling|Trash" title="2010  Trash  Costs  vs  Recycling  Revenues~CE0000"}
{googleChart type=lc width=500 height=300 data="160.82,135.11,174.39,168.86,136.83,217.5,209.86,168.94,218.44,193.25,205.18,239.35|289.98,317.69,465.77,449.27,391.98,461.24,423.55,415.58,421.51,436.96,400.95,450.86" label="Jan|Feb|Mar|Apr|May|Jun|Jul|Aug|Sep|Oct|Nov|Dec|2:||3:|" color="4D89D9,006400" range="0,500,50" legend="Recycling|Trash" title="2010 Tons  of  Trash  and  Recyclables~CE0000"}

Drop Off


  • For disposal of: tires, propane tanks, computers, monitors, television sets, oversized bulk waste (OBW), Freon Bearing Appliances (FBA's), mattresses and box springs: Fee Schedule.
  • CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS including painted lumber, windows, doors, asphalt roofing materials, sheet rock, etc.

Payment must be in the form of cash or check.  Credit or debit cards not accepted. 

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Barrel Information


  • Remember your trash and recycling containers are to be placed at the curbside for collection only on the scheduled day of collection by 7AM or the evening before collection and shall not block sidewalks, driveways or create obstacles on the street that would hinder safe passage by any person or conveyance.


  • Upon collection the container(s) are to be removed to an appropriate location for the address and not left at the collection point.


  • If the lid or barrel is damaged please contact the Transfer Station at (603) 497-4824.

Curbside Program

As of October 1, 2016 - The Single Stream Recycle Rules have changed slightly.  Please click the Zero-Sort Recycle Image Below for more information and call Cathy Willmott with any questions at 603-497-3617 x 200.

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Hazardous Waste, Prescription Drugs, 2008 Mercury Ban

Household Hazardous Waste by Appointment: Goffstown Transfer Station now accepts Household Hazardous Waste by appointment, please call 497-4824 for more information, or print and complete the Pre-registration form and bring it to us during operating hours.  You may mail the form to 404 Elm Street, Goffstown, NH 03045.  Once the form has been received you will be called to set up an appointment for drop off. 

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Adopt-A-Spot Program

The Adopt A Spot Program is developed to give volunteer groups, businesses and citizens of the town of Goffstown an opportunity to manage the cleanup of litter from adopted sections of Town maintained roads or properties. The program will allow for greater community involvement in keeping the Town free from litter. Signs will be used to recognize the responsible group.

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