On behalf of our Parks and Recreation Department commissioners, I would like to welcome you to the Goffstown Parks and Recreation Department. Our department strives to provide a positive, enjoyable community experience through all our traditional and non-traditional activities and facilities. We encourage you to enjoy our two local parks (Roy Park in Pinardville which offers a swimming pool, playground, tennis courts, basketball court, a pavilion and recreational field for your use, and Barnard Park in Goffstown which offers a swimming pool, tennis courts, a pavilion, a sports track, basketball court, and playground for your use). We also encourage you to enjoy the vast amount of natural resources our community offers such as Mt. Uncanoonuc, Namaske Lake, Glen Lake and the Piscataquog River. In addition, our town is currently striving to provide a wonderful rail trail in which all ages may partake. An active community promotes a healthy community, if you would like to volunteer to lead hikes, walking, or biking days, please feel free to contact us to share your abilities. We love to work with our community and respond to its needs and desires.

We look forward to promoting your health and wellness in our community.

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