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EDC Members

Charlie Tentas Chairman 2014-2017
Andrew Cadorette Vice-Chairman 2014-2017
Stephen Langley Member 2015-2018
Jo Ann Duffy Member 2016-2019
Vacant Member 2016-2019
Cheryl Anderson Member 2015-2018
Vacant Alternate 2015-2018
Vacant Alternate 2017-2020
Mark T. Lemay Board of Selectmen Representative  2016-2017
Not yet appointed Planning Board Representative 2016-2017
Jonathon O'Rourke Economic Development Director  

Certified Sites Program

In January 2013 the Southern NH Planning Commission (SNHPC) announced a certified sites program for Southern NH known as ReadySetGo!

Presentations about the program were made to the Economic Development Council (EDC) and Planning Board in April. Interested in the concept of a certified sites program and the potential of expanding commercial & industrial development, the EDC worked to provide the Planning Board with Draft Regulations that could establish the program in town.

The EDC has made two presentations to the Planning Board; first on October 24, 2013 and again on June 26, 2014. At both meetings the EDC presented Draft Regulations, in the form of a Development Regulation Amendment, to the Planning Board. 


EDC Removed Mixed-Use and Residential Uses from Proposed Certified Sites Regulations
The EDC reviewed the certified sites regulations and discussed at their August 6, 2014 meeting. The EDC decided to remove mixed-use and residential uses from the Certified Sites Regulations being proposed to the Planning Board.


Planning Board & Economic Development Council Workshop - 09/03/14
The Planning Board and Economic Development council will conduct a workshop to discuss the Draft Certified Sites Regulations at on Wednesday, 09/03/14, 6:30pm in the Mildred Stark Room of Goffstown Town Hall.


What is a Certified Sites Program?

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