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EDC Members

Charlie Tentas Chairman 2017-2020
Andrew Cadorette Vice-Chairman 2017-2020
Stephen Langley Member 2015-2018
Chester Bowen Member 2016-2019
Mark Stevens Member 2016-2019
Kyle Mallinger Member 2015-2018
Vacant Alternate 2015-2018
Timothy Stetson Alternate 2017-2020
Mark T. Lemay Board of Selectmen Representative  2017-2018
Not yet appointed Planning Board Representative 2017-2018
Jo Ann Duffy Economic Development Director  

2017 – 2018 Goffstown EDC Goals

1. Strive to encourage more business development and expansion on Mast Road in Pinardville, conduct EDC meetings in this part of the community twice a year and schedule time for council members and Economic Development staff to visit every business on Mast Road.
2. Address or correct 75% of the EDSAT (Economic Development Self-Assessment Tool) report actions that were recommended for Goffstown by the Northeastern University Dukakis Center for Urban & Regional Policy.
3. Support the efforts and initiatives of the Main Street Program, Southern N.H. Planning Commission and the Goffstown Industrial Corporation. Facilitate 3rd party funding for three projects over the next 12 months.