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Volunteer Application Form for Town Committees and Commissions

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Ad Hoc Transportation Committee
ADA Compliance
Budget Committee
Cable Television
Capital Improvements Program
Cemetery Trustees
CMAQ Steering Committee
Conservation Commission
Economic Development Council
Finance Software
Fire Station Improvement
Highway Safety
Historic District Commission
Library Trustees
NH DOT - I293 (Non-Town Committee)
Parks & Recreation Commission
Planning Board
Rails to Trails
Sewer Commission
Solid Waste Commission
Supervisors of the Checklist
Trustees of Trust Funds
Zoning Board of Adjustment
Other - See Summary
Brief summary of relevant education, experience andwhy you are interested in serving on this (these) committee(s): *
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Upon submission this application will be sent to the Administration Office at Goffstown Town Hall, 16 Main St., Goffstown, NH 03045 TEL. 497-8990 FAX 497-8993

Appointments are made by the Board of Selectmen. Vacancies on some elected committees are filled by the committee i.e. Budget Committee, Planning Board.

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